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Letter from Tim Gill

Strategic philanthropy often means asking tough questions, expecting smart answers, and settling for nothing less. Below are a few examples of the many questions - and answers - you'll find inside the Gill Foundation Annual Report.

How did 26 LGBT organizations spend $108 million?

We found out. Last year the Gill Foundation-supported Movement Advancement Project (MAP) asked that same question when it coordinated 26 LGBT organizations in a pilot project analyzing the ways in which they spent more than $108 million in combined revenues. «more»

What happens when a Republican and a Democrat collaborate?

You might be surprised. Republican Bill Brownson and Democrat Lynn Greer joined forces in Columbus, Ohio, to create the Legacy Fund to leverage resources for their community's future - roughly $500,000 so far, with planned gifts exceeding $5 million. «more»

How many people can you reach when you work together?

Far more than when you work alone. In Wisconsin, organizations in Milwaukee and Madison joined forces to create a unified statewide campaign. By collaborating, the two groups reached more Wisconsin residents than ever before. «more»

How do you fight for marriage equality in the Deep South?

Collaboration makes all the difference. In South Carolina, philanthropist Linda Ketner brought the leaders of every LGBT organization in the state – about 30 people – to a retreat where they strategized together to create a winning statewide organization to fight for marriage equality. «more»

How do you increase recognition at home?

Every dollar counts. The Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado highlights the ways in which lesbian and gay people contribute to the broader society, like the fund-supported Pikes Peak Library District's community reading program, which reached 51,000 people. «more»

How do you win at politics?

Good strategizing is bipartisan. The Gill Action Fund is critical to advancing our efforts because it invests in changing the hearts and minds of all citizens - right, left, and in the middle. «more»

Tim Gill

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