Message from Tim Sweeney

Tim Sweeney began his public gay activism in 1977 in California where he helped defeat a ballot measure that would have banned gay people from teaching. Thirty-three years later, it’s a time of great hope for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Americans. 2010 saw the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, allied organizations like the American Society for Aging embracing equality in incredible new ways, a dramatic increase nationally in support for the freedom to marry, and a major… »

Shared Values

Basic Rights Oregon Education Fund (BREF) works to end discrimination in Oregon based on sexual orientation and gender identity. CAUSA was founded to defend and advance immigrant rights in Oregon. Both organizations also understand that the cause of fairness and equality is one common struggle, and that by working together we can achieve our respective goals more quickly. Learn how BREF and CAUSA shifted their internal cultures in order to stand united in defense of the basic human… »

Transgender Equality

The Movement Advancement Project (MAP) is a think tank that works collaboratively with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT), and allied organizations to speed equality for LGBT Americans. The Transgender Law Center (TLC) is a leading advocate working to advance the rights of transgender Americans. Through their collaboration in 2010, TLC learned how to more effectively communicate in support of equality for transgender Americans. Learn more about the struggle of transgender… »

Equality in the States

Through their “Common Ground” initiative, Equality Utah Foundation has demonstrated how equality can be achieved for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people at the state and local level, even in historically conservative parts of the country. The objective of Common Ground is to educate residents statewide about the discrimination many Utahns face in employment and housing simply because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Building on the success of Common Ground in… »

Progressive Allies

State Voices is the parent organization for a network of state-based civic engagement roundtables, including the Colorado Civic Engagement Roundtable (CCER). State Voices provides state partners like CCER with the resources they need to build statewide networks of non-profits that can effectively engage and empower historically underrepresented populations. In 2010, with the resources provided by State Voices, CCER ran a state-of-the-art voter engagement campaign in Colorado that is serving… »