Full equality is not possible without ensuring full freedom in all aspects of our lives. We have many to thank for the strides we’ve taken towards equality in the past year.

A brief look at the numbers helps illuminate how the commitment and effort of our grantees and allies are making progress through nondiscrimination policies, relationship recognition, and safe schools.

Important changes were made to ensure equality in the workplace, with the passage of nondiscrimination protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people in a number of states.

More LGBT people have access to some form of relationship recognition in their state.

The work to make schools safer is also rapidly spreading as educators and parents understand the link between harassment and poor academic achievement.

We recognize our progress depends on the support and hard work of our allies. Organizations such as People for the American Way and the Anti-Defamation League continue to stand beside us and view the rights of LGBT people as integral to their own progress.

Our work is long-term and while much remains to be done, the energy and hard work of supporters around the nation give us hope and optimism for the future.

On a personal note, I am pleased to welcome Tim Sweeney as our new executive director.

I would also like to recognize Rodger McFarlane for his leadership at the Gill Foundation over the past three years. Thank you Rodger. We are grateful for your vision and passion for the movement.

Tim Gill