Application Process

Grant proposals are by invitation only. Unsolicited grant proposals will not be accepted.

To be considered for an invitation to submit a grant proposal, organizations that are not current grantees should submit a letter of inquiry via e-mail to grantsmanager@annualreports.gillfoundation.org.

Current grantees should contact their program officer. Letters of inquiry should be limited to 1000 words and include the following (attachments are not allowed):

  • A brief summary of the organization.
  • A description of the proposed project and how it meets these guidelines.
  • The outcome, and if the outcome is beyond one year, the measurable benchmarks by year.
  • The grant request amount, total project budget, and total organization budget.
  • Other major committed and projected funding for the project.

An invitation to submit a full grant proposal does not imply or guarantee funding. If you have questions regarding this process or the application, please contact our Grants Administrator at 303-292-4455 or 1-888-530-4455 or via e-mail at grantsmanager@annualreports.gillfoundation.org.

The requirements of a grant proposal will be explained in the invitation. Decisions on letters of inquiry and grant proposals are typically made within 90 days. The Gill Foundation will initiate all contact asking for clarification, additional information, or a meeting, as needed.