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Gill Foundation Annual Report 2021:
Advancing Equality

A Note from Gill Foundation

2021 was a year of renewed energy in advancing the rights of LGBTQ Americans – as well as a harbinger of the fight ahead.

The most pro-LGBTQ federal administration in U.S. history prioritized LGBTQ protections from day one, several states extended protections to their LGBTQ citizens through interpretation of the Supreme Court’s Bostock ruling, and governors in the Midwest stepped up to limit the discredited practice of conversion therapy.

Still, opponents of LGBTQ equality launched an aggressive, coordinated effort to advance anti-LGBTQ policies and narratives in the states, reminding us of the challenges and work ahead. Meanwhile, the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, a case challenging the constitutional right to an abortion – with concerning implications for LGBTQ rights as well.

The Gill Foundation went through an exciting transition when Scott Miller, our former co-chair, stepped down from his position to accept President Biden’s nomination to serve as Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein in December 2021.

Advancing Protections


Gill Foundation grantees leveraged decades of work building relationships, educating the public and decision-makers, and advocating for the LGBTQ community in court to help advance protections for more than 1.8 million LGBTQ Americans. Scroll right to learn more.

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Advancing Protections


On President Biden’s first day in office, he extended the U.S. Supreme Court’s Bostock ruling across the federal government through executive order, protecting approximately 129,600 LGBTQ people from discrimination in federal employment.

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Advancing Protections


Nearly 1.5 million more LGBTQ people in Florida, Kentucky, and Ohio are now protected through the application of Bostock to the interpretation of their states’ nondiscrimination laws.

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Advancing Protections


Following robust legal and public education campaigns by GLBTQ Legal Advocates and Defenders and National Center for Lesbian Rights, the Biden administration repealed the ban on transgender people serving in the military, allowing approximately 15,000 to openly serve their country again.

A photo of a headline from the New York Times reading 'As Biden Lifts a Ban, Transgender People Get a Long-Sought Chance to Enlist and a photo of Nic Talbott sitting. Photo courtesy of Alyssa Schukar, The New York Times.

Photo courtesy of Alyssa Schukar, The New York Times.

Advancing Protections


State grantees in Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin worked with their governors to pass administrative policies that banned or restricted the cruel and discredited practice of conversion therapy, protecting more than 187,000 LGBTQ youth.

Advancing the Conversation

Gill Foundation grantees were instrumental in advancing the conversation about lived and legal equality for all LGBTQ Americans – from the halls of Congress, to the world of tech, to the C-suites of business.

In the midst of steadfast public education efforts and growing support for nondiscrimination protections for LGBTQ people, the Equality Act passed the U.S. House of Representatives in a bipartisan vote for the second time. And in a series of firsts, Stella Keating became the first transgender teen to testify in front of the Senate when the Equality Act received its first-ever hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Teens like Stella and the Champions at grantee GenderCool are receiving national attention for their grace, optimism, and vision for a country where all are treated equally under the law.

Grantees like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce know that LGBTQ equality is good for business, and they were essential in engaging small and midsize business leaders to further grow support for LGBTQ nondiscrimination. These efforts led to activating more than 400 businesses to support nondiscrimination protections.

Advancing Colorado

Success in Schools

As schools moved back from online to in-school learning, mindSpark Learning worked to meet the fresh demand for computer science and robotics training. In 2021, mindSpark trained 455 teachers from 358 schools in 128 districts – reaching 81,400 students.


Advancing Colorado

Financial Resiliency

The Colorado Office of Financial Empowerment was officially established in 2021, providing momentum to create a safer financial ecosystem. Stakeholders also hosted a kick-off for the Bank On Colorado program, which will provide nearly 990,000 unbanked or underbanked Coloradans access to low-cost services and products to meet their basic financial needs.


Advancing Colorado

COVID Recovery

To help address continued COVID response and recovery efforts, our support to Care and Share Food Banks of Southern Colorado and Food Bank of the Rockies in 2021 provided more than 1.5 million meals to Coloradans in need.


2021 Financials

How We Spend Our Money

1) Grants & Programs 81% $14,666,678
2) Management & General 8% $1,506,496
3) Grants Administration 11% $2,010,822
Total $18,183,996

2021 Summary of Financial Information

Grants & Programs $14,666,678
Management & General $1,506,496
Grants Administration $2,010,822
Total Operating and Grant Making Expenses $18,183,996
Cash $2,340,815
Property and Equipment $2,026,333
Investments $222,164,797
Other Assets $577,718
Total Assets $227,109,663
Liabilities $2,806,326
Net Assets $224,303,337
Total Liabilities and Net Assets $227,109,663

2021 Grants

LGBTQ $8,125,000
Advance Democracy $75,000
Bethany Christian Services $175,000
Boys and Girls Clubs of America $50,000
Color of Change Education Fund, Inc. $50,000
Council on Foundations $125,000
Equal Rights Advocates $50,000
Equality Federation Institute $275,000
Equality Florida Institute, Inc. $75,000
Equality Foundation of Georgia $150,000
Equality North Carolina Foundation $75,000
Equality Ohio Education Fund $275,000
Equality Texas Foundation $75,000
Equality Utah Foundation $130,000
Fair Wisconsin Education Fund $25,000
Fairness Education Fund $30,000
Family Equality $75,000
Freedom for All Americans Education Fund $1,075,000
GLAAD, Inc. $125,000
GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders, Inc. $675,000
GLSEN Inc $100,000
H.E.C. Enterprises, Inc. (dba Julius' Bar) $25,000
Interfaith Youth Core $50,000
Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America $75,000
Leadership Conference Education Fund, Inc. $100,000
Media Matters for America $600,000
Movement Advancement Project $225,000
National Center for Lesbian Rights $475,000
National Center for Transgender Equality $400,000
New Ways Ministry $115,000
one-n-ten $150,000
Outfront Minnesota Community Services $50,000
PFLAG, Inc. $150,000
Positive Coaching Alliance $125,000
Public Religion Research Institute $150,000
Repairers of the Breach $100,000
Services and Advocacy for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Elders $100,000
State Voices $125,000
The GenderCool Project $500,000
The Regents of the University of California Los Angeles $150,000
Thomson Reuters Foundation Inc. $100,000
Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund, Inc. $75,000
Type Media Center $50,000
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation $150,000
United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Educational Fund $100,000
University of Colorado $50,000
Whitman-Walker Institute $250,000
Prosperous CO $1,963,600
Anti-Defamation League Mountain States Region $195,000
Bell Policy Center $100,000
Boulder Community Broadcast Association Incorporated $4,000
Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado $75,000
Center for Responsible Lending $75,000
Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund $75,000
Colorado Civic Education $200,000
Colorado Democracy Network $20,000
Colorado Health Network $50,000
Colorado Historical Society $85,000
Colorado Public Interest Research Foundation, Inc. $40,000
Colorado Public Television, Inc. $2,500
Colorado Succeeds $100,000
Community Radio for Northern Colorado $10,000
Crested Butte Mountain Educational Radio, Inc. $2,000
Equal Representation of Media Advocacy Corporation $1,500
Food Bank of the Rockies $125,000
Fort Lewis College Foundation $3,000
High Plains Public Radio $1,000
Jeffco Schools Foundation $477,000
KAFM $9,000
Kanza Society, Inc. High Plains Public Radio $2,000
KBUT - Crested Butte Public Radio $2,000
KGNU $2,000
KHEN Community Radio $2,500
KRCC $18,200
KRZA $1,400
KSUT Radio Station $1,250
KUNC $55,000
KUTE Inc. $3,750
KVNF Community Radio $6,000
mindSpark Learning $188,000
North Fork Valley Public Radio, Inc. $3,500
PBS12 $2,500
Public Broadcasting of Colorado, Inc. $7,000
Rocky Mountain Community Radio $16,000
Tenderfoot Transmitting, Inc. $2,500
Federal Agencies Project $2,475,000
NEO Philanthropy, Inc. $2,250,000
Palm Center $100,000
The NEA Foundation for the Improvement of Education $50,000
True Colors United Inc. $75,000
State Agencies Project $150,000
ACLU Nebraska Foundation $50,000.00
Fair Wisconsin Education Fund $50,000.00
Fairness Education Fund $50,000.00
Discretionary and Opportunity $370,000
Auburn Theological Seminary $15,000.00
Cobalt Foundation $1,000.00
Common Cause Education Fund $1,000.00
Equality Maine Foundation $4,000.00
Fund for a Healthier Colorado $1,000.00
GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders, Inc. $10,000.00
GLSEN Inc $55,000.00
Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking $1,000.00
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center $180,000.00
Maine Inside Out $4,000.00
Maine Women's Lobby Education Fund $4,000.00
OUT Maine $4,000.00
Project Angel Heart $2,500.00
Rainbow Railroad USA $30,000.00
Resources for Organizing and Social Change $4,000.00
So All May Eat, Inc. $2,500.00
The Regents of the University of California Los Angeles $50,000.00
Women's Foundation of Colorado $1,000.00
Employee Matched $9,266
Anti-Defamation League Mountain States Region $100
Bell Policy Center $100
Carbondale Arts $500
Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado $50
Citizens Project $50
City Year $100
Clinton Foundation $100
Cobalt Foundation $50
Colorado Coalition for the Homeless $50
Colorado Democracy Network $500
Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition $50
Colorado Judicial Institute $400
Colorado News Collaborative $200
Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights $50
Colorado People's Alliance $50
Colorado Public Interest Research Foundation, Inc. $50
Colorado Public Radio $232
Colorado Pug Rescue $170
Common Cause Education Fund $50
EarthLinks $250
Episcopal Diocese of Colorado $1,500
Equality Federation Institute $170
Food Bank of the Rockies $150
Freedom for All Americans Education Fund $220
Good Business Colorado $50
Griffith Centers for Children, Inc. $50
Growing Home $250
Invest in Kids $300
Jeffco Schools Foundation $100
Kentucky Health Justice Network $250
National Center for Transgender Equality $86
New Ways Ministry $100
Nourish Colorado $50
Olin College of Engineering $50
One Colorado Education Fund $100
Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains Inc $50
Polaris PTO $600
ProgressNow Colorado Education $100
PROMO Fund $340
ProPublica $60
Pueblo Community Health Center $250
Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network $100
Rocky Mountain Refuge for End of Life Care $100
Rocky Mountain Stroke Center $50
Rose Community Foundation $100
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital $228
Stand for the Silent $50
Texas Christian University $50
The 19th News $50
The Park People $250
The Place $60
The Salvation Army Intermountain Division $200
WINGS Foundation, Inc $50