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Gill Foundation Annual Report 2022

Stepping Up

In the aftermath of tragedy...

at moments of opportunity...

in the face of adversity...

The LGBTQ community stepped up.

In many ways, 2022 was a call to action for our movement. Opponents of equality pursued a record number of anti-LGBTQ policies and resurfaced pernicious tropes about our community, stirring up harmful rhetoric and violence. LGBTQ advocates had to respond rapidly, creatively, and persistently. And they stepped up.

In June, the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization overturned the right to an abortion, enshrined 50 years ago by Roe v. Wade. A concurring opinion took aim at other important legal precedents, including watershed victories for LGBTQ equality like Obergefell v. Hodges. As a reflection of decades of public education by advocates and allies making the case for marriage equality, Congress swiftly acted to pass the Respect for Marriage Act, an important step in protecting LGBTQ families.

In November, tragedy struck our home state of Colorado. An armed assailant opened fire in Club Q, an LGBTQ nightclub and center of community in Colorado Springs, taking five lives and injuring dozens more. Together, as our community mourned and healed, Coloradans and supporters around the world stepped up to care for the victims and their families.

Stepping Up
For Equality
Legal Victories Shield 58,000 Transgender People

Grappling with an unprecedented wave of anti-LGBTQ policies sweeping the country, state equality organizations stepped up to develop and test responses to local attacks in real time. Opponents of equality filed more than 300 anti-LGBTQ bills in state legislatures, and although activists defeated over 90%, some unfortunately became law — which is where our litigation grantees stepped in.

When the Alabama legislature passed a law criminalizing parents who seek medical care for their trans children, GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders and the National Center for Lesbian Rights worked together to block its enforcement while their larger legal challenge proceeds.

Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund also secured important victories in cases arguing that employers can’t deny coverage for gender-affirming care – one in North Carolina that applies to health plans for state employees and their families, and one in Georgia that applies to all employer health plans – protecting more than 58,000 transgender people.

Pennsylvania Governor Protects 109,000 LGBTQ Youth

Across the country, state equality groups continued to work with governors and administrators to advance equality and secure protections for vulnerable groups like LGBTQ youth.

In Pennsylvania, former Governor Tom Wolf signed an executive order restricting conversion therapy, making it the 26th state, plus Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C., to curtail the discredited practice.

Stepping Up
For Family
A Family’s Story Touches Millions
Photo courtesy of Amber Briggle

The barrage of anti-LGBTQ attacks in the states called new generations of advocates to action — perhaps best exemplified by trans youth and their parents.

When government officials in Texas cruelly mischaracterized healthcare for trans youth as "child abuse" and began investigating families who affirmed their children, those families stepped up and fought back.

Take the Briggle family, for example, who partnered with GLAAD to create a PSA that courageously shared their story with the country, opening with a simple invitation: "Do you want to meet a family with a transgender kid? Here we are." To date, the PSA has garnered more than 300 million views.

Respect for Marriage Act Defends 700,000 Families

At the federal level, the Biden administration continued to advocate for LGBTQ Americans and their families, upholding his pledge to lead the most pro-equality administration in history.

After the Dobbs decision put a target on marriage equality, advocates and allies quickly mobilized to transform threat into opportunity and demonstrate the breadth of support for LGBTQ families. On December 13, 2022, President Biden signed a legacy-defining piece of legislation in the form of the Respect for Marriage Act, a triumph of bipartisanship made possible by decades of public education in communities across the political spectrum.

And while we celebrate the critical protections that it secured for LGBTQ families, we must remain vigilant to the ongoing threat to marriage posed by challenges to Obergefell — since 35 states still have dormant bans on same-sex marriage.

Stepping Up
For Community
$4 Million Raised for Club Q Victims

Community is never more important than in times of tragedy. After an armed assailant took five precious lives at Club Q, injured 25 more, and devastated an entire community, acts of kindness and generosity poured in from near and far.

Hours after the attack, the Colorado Healing Fund was activated and began making disbursements to victims and families the same day. The Gill Foundation’s donation to the fund was generously matched by our network of OutGivers, partners, and friends.

New challenges emerged as the system for victim assistance proved inaccessible for certain members of our community. To create more inclusive resources and support, the foundation helped form a Club Q Advisory Committee and launch a new “navigator” role through Community Health Partnership to guide victims through the administrative processes so they could focus on their path to healing.

Preserving Colorado’s History; Investing in Our Future
Photo courtesy of History Colorado

While Club Q reminded us how far we have to go in combatting anti-LGBTQ extremism, we also found opportunities to reflect on how far we’ve come together. In June, History Colorado opened its first LGBTQ exhibit, “Rainbows & Revolutions,” culminating a multi-year effort led by a full-time LGBTQ curator to ensure a generation’s history wasn’t lost. During the exhibit’s opening run in Denver, more than 41,000 visitors immersed themselves in Colorado’s history of LGBTQ pride and progress.

Gill Foundation grantees deepened their efforts to build a more prosperous Colorado by expanding access to safe capital and financial literacy. Through the Bank On Colorado program, 25 banks and credit unions with more than 1,500 branches across 30 counties offered free and low-cost financial services and products to help low- and middle-income Coloradans build assets.

To create more career-connected learning opportunities in STEM, especially in rural areas of the state, the Homegrown Talent Initiative grew from eight districts to 50, creating new pathways to high-demand careers for more than 20,000 learners.

As much as 2022 gave us reason for heartbreak, it also gave us reason for hope.

In the wake of violence and loss, communities came together to heal. When opponents of equality ramped up harmful rhetoric and legislation, new voices emerged to share their stories of love and resilience. At a time when cultural divisions seemed insurmountable, our leaders came together to advance the cause of equality.

When opportunity knocks, we rise to the occasion.

When times get tough, our community steps up.

2022 Financials

How We Spend Our Money

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2022 Summary of Financial Information

Grants & Programs $11,634,544
Management & General $1,508,376
Grants Administration $2,054,569
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Total Liabilities & Net Assets $185,219,779

2022 Grants

LGBTQ Equality $8,435,000
Amalgamated Charitable Foundation, Inc. $700,000
Bethany Christian Services $275,000
Bipartisan Policy Center, Inc. $100,000
Boys & Girls Clubs of America $50,000
Centerline Liberties, Inc. $350,000
Centerlink, Inc. $75,000
Equality Federation Institute $215,000
Equality Florida Institute, Inc. $100,000
Equality Michigan $100,000
Equality Ohio Education Fund $330,000
Equality Texas Foundation $350,000
Fair Wisconsin Education Fund, Inc. $25,000
Fairness Education Fund, Inc. $100,000
Family Equality Council $250,000
Freedom for All Americans Education Fund $500,000
GLAAD, Inc. $325,000
GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders, Inc. $800,000
Grantmakers in Health $50,000
Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, Inc. $75,000
Media Matters for America $610,000
Movement Advancement Project, Inc. $275,000
National Center for Lesbian Rights $450,000
National Center for Transgender Equality $125,000
New Venture Fund $100,000
New Ways Ministry, Inc. $100,000
North Dakota Human Rights Coalition $35,000
PFLAG, Inc. $140,000
Poynter Institute for Media Studies, Inc. $160,000
Public Religion Research Institute, Inc. $150,000
Services & Advocacy for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, & Transgender Elders, Inc. $100,000
The Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University $120,000
The Center for Independent Documentary, Inc. $75,000
The GenderCool Project $200,000
The Regents of the University of California Los Angeles $150,000
Third Way Institute $350,000
Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund, Inc. $125,000
True Colors United, Inc. $100,000
TruthNotLies Education Fund (DBA We Defend Truth) $100,000
United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Educational Fund $100,000
University of Miami $100,000
Prosperous Colorado $1,463,900
Anti-Defamation League Mountain States Region $75,000
Bell Policy Center $100,000
Boulder Community Broadcast Association, Inc. $6,000
Center for Responsible Lending $100,000
Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund, Inc. $75,000
Colorado Healing Fund $100,000
Colorado Health Network, Inc. $50,000
Colorado Public Interest Research Foundation, Inc. $40,000
Colorado Public Television, Inc. $5,000
Colorado Succeeds $150,000
Colorado Times Recorder $100,000
Community Health Partnership $50,000
Community Radio for Northern Colorado $15,000
Crested Butte Mountain Educational Radio, Inc. $4,000
Equal Representation of Media Advocacy Corporation $2,900
Fort Lewis College Foundation $3,000
Grand Valley Public Radio Company, Inc. $7,000
Jeffco Schools Foundation $225,000
Kanza Society, Inc., High Plains Public Radio $3,000
KUTE, Inc. $5,000
mindSpark Learning $150,000
North Fork Valley Public Radio, Inc. $2,000
One Colorado Education Fund $150,000
Public Broadcasting of Colorado, Inc. $25,000
Rocky Mountain Community Radio $16,000
Tenderfoot Transmitting, Inc. $5,000
Discretionary & Opportunity $170,000
Colorado for All 2023 $50,000
Congregation Beit Simchat Torah $15,000
Equality Maine Foundation $4,000
GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders, Inc. $12,000
GLSEN, Inc. $30,000
Holocaust and Human Rights Center of Maine $3,000
Interfaith Alliance of Iowa $5,000
Maine Immigrants Rights Coalition $1,000
Maine Prisoner Advocacy Coalition $4,500
Maine Transgender Network, Inc. $3,500
Maine Women's Lobby Education Fund $3,500
OUT Maine $5,000
Project Angel Heart $5,000
Quality Housing Coalition $1,500
Maine Inside Out $2,000
Van Ness Recovery House $25,000
Employee Matched $12,853
Anti-Defamation League $100
Bell Policy Center $600
Carbondale Arts $250
Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado $150
Cobalt Foundation $100
Colorado Coalition for the Homeless $50
Colorado Democracy Network $1,000
Colorado Fiscal Institute $50
Colorado Healing Fund $660
Colorado Judicial Institute $450
Colorado News Collaborative $50
Colorado Nonprofit Development Center $1,500
Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights $50
Colorado People's Alliance $50
Colorado Public Interest Research Foundation, Inc. $50
Colorado State University - Pueblo Foundation $120
Colorado Times Recorder $50
Common Cause Education Fund $100
Denver Center for the Performing Arts $250
Elevated Access, Inc. $1,000
Episcopal Diocese of Colorado $1,175
Equality Federation Institute $270
Family Equality Council $25
Good Business Colorado $50
Inside Out Youth Services $50
Invest in Kids $125
Kantorei $100
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center $100
Mighty Earth, Inc. $500
NEO Philanthropy, Inc. $250
New Era Colorado Foundation $50
One Colorado Education Fund $400
Pikes Peak United Way $50
Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, Inc. $50
Polaris PTO, Inc. $500
Project Angel Heart $500
PROMO Fund $250
PTA Colorado Congress C3 PTSA $500
Public Broadcasting of Colorado, Inc. $50
Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre $50
Rose Community Foundation $500
Sandy Hook Promise Foundation $100
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital $228
State Historical Society of Colorado the Colorado State Museum $50
Texas Christian University $75
The Community Foundation $50
The Park People $125
WINGS Foundation, Inc. $50